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Alpharex CRM

Alpharex is an advanced CRM system, created specifically for tracking the status and analyzing the performance of advertising companies. This innovative platform provides companies with the ability to effectively monitor, evaluate and optimize the results of their advertising campaigns.

Alpharex CRM



David Branson


USA, New York


>10 000$


About project


The task I had to solve was to develop and implement an effective CRM system to track the status and analyze the performance of our advertising campaigns. This task arose in the context of the continuous growth of our advertising activities, when it was important to have a clear overview of all processes and results.


To solve this problem, I proposed to develop Alpharex - an advanced CRM system that would be customized to our needs. One of the key aspects of the solution was creating a centralized interface where we could track all the data from different advertising platforms and channels. This allowed us to analyze key metrics such as conversions, cost per click, impressions and many others.


Regarding the design of Alpharex, we focused on creating an intuitive and user-friendly interface. The main goal was that even users without deep knowledge of technology could easily navigate the system. We used a clear structure, logical arrangement of sections and intuitive icons, which makes working with the system as convenient and pleasant as possible.

Alpharex CRM

As for development, it was a collective effort. My team included developers, designers, analysts and project managers. We used modern technologies and software development methodologies to create Alpharex. We started with a detailed analysis of the requirements and drawing up a development plan. We then moved on to prototyping and design, providing feedback from all project participants. After that, we started the programming phase, gradually refining and refining the system. Each stage was accompanied by testing and making adjustments.