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Easy Rent

Easy Rent is more than just a real estate website. It is a window into the world of real estate, where stylish design and modern technology have come together to create an unparalleled experience for customers. Easy Rent is not just an information resource, it is a tool that will help you deal with complex real estate decisions.

Easy Rent

Easy Rent


Josh Oman


Los Angeles, California, USA




About project


My task was to design and develop a website for a real estate company with important goals. The aim was to reproduce their professional expertise and reliability through the visual identity. The task included studying the specifics of the company, its target audience and main competitors. My goal was to develop a design that reflected the company's reputation and values. After that, it was necessary to create a website with logical navigation that would help customers find the right property. The development of the site included the development of the interface, the addition of functionality for searching for objects and convenient ordering. In addition, the task included adapting the site for different devices and browsers, ensuring quality and accessibility. The result had to look professional and attractive, helping to improve the company's interaction with its customers through the online platform.


To achieve the goal, I implemented a set of solutions: Strategic analysis: After studying the specifics of the real estate company, I developed a design that reflects their important role and professional approach. Individual design: Created a visual concept using refined style and harmonious colors that emphasize the reliability and elegance of the company. Efficient navigation: Designed the structure of the website, providing convenient search for properties and ordering. Adaptation to devices: Created an adaptive design that ensures correct display on different devices while maintaining functionality. Technical implementation: Used modern website development technologies to ensure stable and fast operation. Testing and Optimization: Tested the functionality and responsiveness of the site, fixing bugs and ensuring a great user experience. These solutions helped create a website that effectively reflects the identity of the real estate company and provides convenient access to the property for customers.


The design process for the real estate company was purposeful and reflected step by step their unique identity: Research: Through a combination of market analysis and customer interviews, I understood the company's key values and goals. Sketches and concept: Using pencils and paper, I sketched ideas that ranged from simple to complex. Color palette and fonts: By choosing colors that emphasized professionalism and elegance, and selecting fonts for maximum readability. Visual elements: Created graphic elements that correlated with the company's core services and inspired trust. Mockups and Prototypes: Developed interactive mockups that demonstrated the look and functionality of the future design. Feedback and Improvement: Conducted discussions with the customer, made changes and improved the design based on their feedback. Final implementation: Recreated the developed design in digital format, ready for implementation on the website. This process ensured a harmonious and modern design that reflects the importance and professionalism of the real estate company. My task expanded to the design of the CRM system interface, with a focus on improving the user experience (UI/UX). From choosing colors, fonts and icons to creating animations, I strived to create a user-friendly and aesthetic interface. Considering the needs of users, I developed an intuitive interface with easily accessible information and convenient interactions. The renowned focus on UX ensures that users find the information they need quickly and comfortably, improving their overall experience. The result of my work is a design that ensures ease of use and satisfaction from using the CRM system, introducing the principles of UI and UX in every detail.

Easy Rent
Easy Rent

I created a website for a real estate company by designing a custom WordPress theme. In the process, he used basic programming languages - HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP. Structured content, added visual content and implemented functionality using responsive design for easy viewing on various devices. Used plugins to expand capabilities. The result is a stylish and user-friendly website that reflects key aspects of the company and provides a comfortable user experience.