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Garbage Collector App

Garbage Collector is an innovative mobile application using AR technologies that simplifies the process of sorting garbage and the efficiency of its removal. The application provides users with a convenient platform to view garbage truck schedules, select appropriate containers, and increase environmental awareness.

Garbage Collector App

Garbage collector




Berlin, Germany


>10 000$


About project


The task was to create an application that helps city residents find information about the schedule of garbage trucks and efficiently sort garbage, contributing to the reduction of environmental impact, using AR technologies.


Proposed to develop an intuitive interface with information about the schedule of garbage trucks, a map of garbage containers and tips on proper sorting. Added the ability to set reminders for garbage collection. And integrated AR technology to preview how the container will look in your yard.


The design of the application was focused on convenience and a friendly user experience. Used bright colors to highlight key elements and illustrations to enhance clarity. I have chosen beautiful conservative fonts that reflect seriousness and reliability, all in the German style but with a more modern approach to design.

Garbage Collector App

Development included design creation, platform selection and programming. Used the programming languages Swift for iOS and Java for Android, ensuring compatibility and high performance. Integrated AR technologies that allow users to preview how the container will look in their yard. Garbage Collector celebrates the combination of my skills in mobile app design and development, helping to improve environmental impact and make our environment cleaner and healthier.