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Gid realty

Gid Realty is more than just a real estate site. It is a window into the world of real estate, where stylish design and modern technology have come together to create an unparalleled customer experience. Gid Realty is not just an information resource, it's a tool to help you make difficult real estate decisions.

Gid realty

Gid Realty


Ihor Goida


Rivne, Ukraine




About project


My task was to develop a website in a modern style that represents the company, that will have a unique identity and stand out from the background of gray and boring real estate sites, that will be user-friendly and intuitive, and that will collect inbound applications.


I paid special attention to the design and identity of the project. A stylish visual component should work on an emotional level — instantly win the sympathy and trust of the audience, create an image of a cool professional company Guide Realty. I chose such a range of colors that revealed the essence of the matter as much as possible. He chose modern grotesque fonts that match the company's logo and fashion trends. The design of the website conveys the main values of the company: professionalism, quality and reliability.


The design development process for the Gid Realty project involved several key steps. First, I studied the company's core values and style to get a good understanding of its identity. Then, I developed the concept, combining an elegant style with easy navigation. Next, I chose a color and font palette that reflected the professionalism and reliability of the company. Finally, I created visual elements and layouts, ensuring a harmonious user interaction with the site.

Gid realty
Gid realty
Gid realty

Website development for Gid Realty was a focused sequence of actions. The first stage was requirements gathering, where I studied in detail what features and functionality the company wanted. I then moved on to creating a framework and information architecture to provide logical navigation. Next, I turned the design into a functional website using HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, jQuery and Wordpress CMS. An important step was testing, where I made sure the site worked properly on different devices and browsers. After correcting the shortcomings, I launched the site in production. The result is an interactive interface that helps visitors easily find the information they need and interact with the company. The Gid Realty website has become a powerful tool for improving communication with clients and increasing brand appeal.