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Yellow CRM System

Yellow CRM System is an innovative system created to digitize your business and optimize all business processes. Regardless of the size of your company, Yellow CRM will help you increase operational efficiency, increase employee productivity and ensure control over every stage of the project.

Yellow CRM System



Alex Robertson


Los Angeles, California, USA


>50 000$


About project


My task was to develop and implement the Yellow CRM System, ensuring its excellent functionality and user-friendly interface. My goal is to provide users with a powerful tool for managing projects, employees and reporting to help them achieve high results in their business.


I proposed a comprehensive solution, which includes: Automation of processes: Yellow CRM allows you to automate many routine tasks, which frees up time for more important matters. Effective project management: The system provides the means to plan, track and control projects, ensuring timely delivery of results. Performance monitoring: Yellow CRM allows you to monitor workflow and team performance, analyze metrics and make informed decisions. Flexible reporting: The system allows you to generate reports and analytics in real time, which simplifies strategic decision-making. A design I developed


The design of Yellow CRM System reflects modern trends in the design of interfaces. A clean and intuitive interface helps users quickly navigate the system and effectively interact with its functionality. Using appropriate colors and design elements creates a pleasant and professional impression.

Yellow CRM System
Yellow CRM System
Yellow CRM System
Yellow CRM System
Amazone AWS

During the development of Yellow CRM System, advanced programming and software development technologies such as React.js, Node.js and PostgreSQL were used. An integrated database system provides quick access to information and reliable data storage. We used modern programming languages and frameworks to ensure system stability, security and efficiency.