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Art-light is your leading guide to the world of LED advertising. The company creates images that leave a mark in the memory, using the most modern LED technologies. Their works are not just advertising products, but works of art that turn places into true chronicles of light. They know how to turn even the most ordinary space into a place that attracts attention and leaves an impression.




Mykola Shyrchun


Rivne, Ukraine


>10 000$


About project


My task was to develop the design of an online store in a modern style, which represents the company and its products, and also collects incoming applications. Develop an online platform that allows you to sell the company's goods and services and calculate the price.


I paid special attention to the design of the project. A stylish visual component should work on an emotional level — instantly win the sympathy and trust of the audience, create the image of a cool and fashionable Art-light company. I chose colors and fonts that match the company logo and fashion trends. The design of the website conveys the main values of the company: quality, speed, reliability and effectiveness. We decided to develop the online store using PHP + Laravel technologies, this will allow us to create a flexible and convenient admin panel for adding products and creating pages.


My Art-light design process is a creative and systematic way to turn your ideas into exciting visuals. Research and analysis: I start with a deep understanding of your brand and goals. By analyzing your audience and competitors, I create a basic foundation for design. Idea and concept: At this stage, I form the conceptual basis of your design. Here, it is important to highlight the key visual elements and create a coherent image that will impress and leave a mark. Sketches and Variations: I turn the concept into live drawings and sketches. By varying the design, I experiment with different styles, colors, and compositions, finding the best solutions. Digital design: After choosing the best direction, I transfer the design to digital format. Here I study details, proportions, and every note of color in detail, creating a visual perfect image. Testing and Refining: I test the design under real-world conditions, making sure it works effectively and meets your needs. I make adjustments and make additional adjustments if necessary. Completion and handover: After all steps are completed, I provide you with a finished design and ready-to-use files. As a result, I got a modern and fashionable design that fascinates and encourages the client to make a purchase or order a service.


Art-light's online store development is a step into the future, where visual aesthetics meet functionality to create an unparalleled online experience. Strategic planning: I analyzed the company's goals as well as its target audience. Identified the key functions of the store and developed a strategy to achieve business goals. Interface design: At this stage, I created a design concept that harmoniously combines visual appeal with logical navigation. Selected colors, fonts and placement of elements to ensure a comfortable and impressive user experience. Functionality development: Created the structure of the store, added elements such as shopping cart, user registration, payment system and ordering. It is important to provide a convenient and easy shopping process for customers. Development of integrations: Integrated necessary tools such as payment systems, feedback, analytics and inventory management. Tried to ensure an automated and optimal work process. Testing and Improvement: Thoroughly tested all features and capabilities of the store, identifying and fixing any flaws. We make sure that the store works properly on different devices and browsers. Implementation and training: After successful testing, implemented the store in production. Gave you access to the admin panel and trained the client to manage the store, add products, process orders and track analytics. Support and development: I do not end the cooperation after launch. I am ready to provide technical support, make changes and develop the store to meet the growing needs of the client's business.