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Yorbis App

The "Yorbis" project is an innovative mobile application aimed at cost optimization and effective monitoring of financial status. With this app, users can easily track their finances, plan a budget, control expenses and save documents.

Yorbis App



Josh Oman


Los Angeles, California, USA




About project


My task was to create an attractive design of a mobile application that would have a convenient interface and meet all the standards of the user experience.


I decided to analyze the financial mobile application market and identify the best solutions. It was decided to make the design recognizable so that Yorbis stands out among gray and boring applications. This will help users pay attention to the application and decide to use our application.


In the process of developing the design, I implemented innovative solutions, ensuring optimal user interaction and an attractive appearance. I highlighted the important aspects: Minimalist Design: Moved away from unnecessary decor, focusing on important content to create a clean and modern look. Color Palette: The choice of colors was based on the psychology of perception - to promote a feeling of convenience and trust. Intuitive Interface: Arranged elements so that users can quickly navigate and interact without unnecessary steps. Animations to Enhance Interaction: Added unobtrusive animations that provide a sense of fluidity and liveliness. Responsive Design: Ensured convenient viewing on different devices while maintaining functionality and aesthetics. Focus on Key Content: Conveyed important information in a prominent place for maximum user convenience. These solutions contribute not only to the aesthetic appearance of the design, but also improve the user experience, making the "Yorbis" application more attractive and effective.

Yorbis App
Objective C

When developing the application, I and my development team followed agile methodologies and worked on scrum. Every day we held retrospectives and daily planning. The team included 5 developers, and I was the designer. We used java, swift and objective c technologies. Thanks to a professional approach, "Yorbis" not only meets all user experience standards, but also expresses the unique character and values of the brand. This result not only satisfies the client, but also provides users with an impression that will remain in the memory.